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Arranmore Donegal Republic of Ireland

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The walk around Arainn Mhor (Arranmore) is sign posted as Sli Arainn Mhor (part of Bealach na Gaeltachta which is a National Waymarked way) and begins and ends at the Ferry Port. The views in all directions along that walk are stunning and the western half of the route is particularly remote.
A-B. Starting from the pier on arrival on the island, the loop joins the surfaced road and turns left. After approximately 200m the walker reaches a T-junction from where the loop ‘proper’ begins. The mapboard is located at the small Community Centre on the right of the T-junction - but the loop turns left. Follow the surfaced roadway for almost 1km (passing the school on the left) and reach a junction where you turn left. Continue along this surfaced road as it descends towards the sea but watch for a right turn after 400m.
C-D. Turn right towards a cluster of houses but, after only 30m, veer left onto an old green track which takes you to the graveyard on the south coast. Joining surfaced roadway again, turn right. Follow the surfaced road for almost 1km to reach a crossroads where you turn left. The next 3km of roadway runs parallel to the coast before taking a sharp right and climbing steeply across the eastern shoulder of Cranagarn. Your surroundings now change significantly as you travel in a northerly direction across this isolated section of the island. There are fine views of the west coast on you left - on your right is a mix of sand/stone quarrying and turf cutting by hand. A 3km walk takes you to the southern slopes of Frenchmans Hill. At a T-junction, you turn left.
D-A. The loop descends now to join the shores of Lough Shore and pass a memorial which marks the islands connections with Beaver Island Canada. Shortly afterwards the loop leaves the surfaced road and turns right onto a bog road. (The lighthouse at Binrawros Point is approximately 2km along the road - if you decide to visit it be careful to leave yourself enough time and to return to this point after your trip.). The bog road crosses Pluchog before joining surfaced roadway and beginning a long descent to the trailhead.

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Arranmore Donegal Republic of Ireland
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